Coin Mining

I’ve been mining altcoins since February, mainly concentrating on Dogecoin initially, then I moved to Vertcoin, then over to Litecoin, and have lately been running on CleverMining’s multipool. I’ve been a very hands-off miner for the last two months, but decided today to google a little and see if there was anything interesting happening out there — and my goodness there is!


So I’m back to mining Vertcoin for now. I’ve always liked the developer story of Vert – they seem to be really focused on making sure this coin goes the distance. As the other altcoins have been decimated by ASICs I’m hoping my rig stays relevant somewhere. I don’t mind placing bets by going long on a coin – I have a little BTC and a little LTC and a little DOGE and a little Vert (and maybe even some Mintcoin still?).


My mining rig is four R9 270 Gigabyte OC 2GB. I had thought of selling them off, but I enjoy dabbling with this stuff. Today I upgraded from BAMT 1.3 to BAMT 1.6, and set up my cgminer and vertminer configs. So I’m going to mine Vert for a while again, see how far I get. I discovered Wafflepool today as well, so I might mine with them for a bit but I think that multipools that cash out in BTC really miss some of the upside. If you believe in the coin you’re mining why wouldn’t you hold it long term?


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