Too long!

Wow, it’s been TWO MONTHS!! OK, since then: – drift trike has been drifted! – balancing robot has balanced! – commenced build of unicycle (thanks Rob for cutting/welding!) – commenced build of some EL Wire based projects – commenced build of my new Fixie – commenced build of crazy “art” Project Kurtz For unicycle I […]

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Electric Scooter

I was looking for a 12 inch rear wheel with sprocket and axle, but couldn’t find many on eBay available to Australia. It looks like a lot of the models which take those wheels never made it to Australia (maybe due to being too high powered?). I found a whole electric scooter for sale for […]

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Trike is go!

The drift trike is amazing! It drifts! I put it all together on the weekend and got some sliding done. The battery goes in a backpack for now, and we cable the rider up in place and turn the battery on. That process needs to improve but it’s still fun to get sideways already!

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A month?!?

No real progress to report – have batteries for Trike, investigating chassis options for bigger balancebot. Should get trike going this week and start collecting parts for larger balancebot soon!

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Uh Oh!

This week I decided to see if BB1 could function if made more vertical. Nope. Last night I moved him back into a horizontal platform and resoldered a wire that had snapped (moved one of the motor outputs from output 3 to 5). While tuning dampening a bit he did some erratic flopping – and […]

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Faster motors

560RPM Motors for BalanceBotOne! He’s much more stable on carpet, and slightly more stable on hard floors. I’m now wondering about the maths in this caper, and whether faster motors would make him even more stable. Next challenge is to bring the occasional flip-out into line, and add Bluetooth remote control. I’m going to attach […]

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Coin Mining

I’ve been mining altcoins since February, mainly concentrating on Dogecoin initially, then I moved to Vertcoin, then over to Litecoin, and have lately been running on CleverMining’s multipool. I’ve been a very hands-off miner for the last two months, but decided today to google a little and see if there was anything interesting happening out […]

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